Friday, 20 December 2013

a few of my favourite {moroccan} things . . .

a few ideas to put a taste of morocco under your tree, because 'tis the season after all!

a bit last minute I know, but then that is always how I seem to manage this festive season

  so here are a few things on my wishlist

 that I have discovered on my journey as tea-in-tangiers, along with links and facebook pages

this Tarbouche Lamp is high up on my wish-list - from 33 Rue Majorelle

perfectly put - sweatshirt from Fashion Bakchic

a christmas essential - scented soaps from nyusha

making food a little more interesting - some graphic ceramics from 

no celebration is complete without a candle or two (or three)

and finally - if you really want to push the proverbial boat out, how about a little luxury underfoot 
nothing epitomises moroccan design more than a classic vintage beni ourain carpet
so send me a little message and I'll see what I can do for you!

happy wrapping

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

happy holidays

I'm languishing in the tropics this festive season

so will be taking a little break from the blog

happy holidays to you all!


please keep in touch via


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

churros, chocolate . . .

and continuing with the Christmas train of thought.

Yes, I know, churros are not traditionally a Christmas thing, but for me and my family they are most definitely a holiday thing - whenever my children are visiting their grandmother in Spain, one of the things on our to-do list, is a visit to the Churros Lady's caravan at the Saturday market (strangely several other items on that list involve food as well!)

I have, once, a long time ago, attempted to make a batch of churros myself - but they where pretty much inedible and any nigella-aspirations I had, crumbled (along with my churros) to the ground!

 So when I stumbled across this recipe and images from the pages of Sugar Thumb,
 making  it all look enticingly do-able,
 I decided that this Christmas holiday I will become
the . . .  Queen of Churros!

I will be laying down my pen,

switching off my laptop,

 and wishing you the gift of time this festive season,

 time to make churros - or whatever else takes your fancy!

click HERE to go to the recipe on the Sugar Thumb blog

ps: please let me know if you do try this recipe - along with the end results!

{despite saying that I will be switching off my laptop, 
you will no doubt still find me plonking about on facebook from time to time}

Sunday, 1 December 2013

a little love this festive season

Well, December is officially and unavoidably upon us 
and it is time to start getting into the spirit of things I think.

With this in mind I remembered  having seen on the blog  Why Morocco about the Love cards that Yves St Laurent created every year - sending out handmade wishes to friends and colleagues. The original poster forms of these cards are exhibited in the gallery of the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech
Such a lovely idea
& what a good wish to usher in the new year , 
simply wishing your friends love!

images via Why Morocco

I'm afraid i am usually guilty of rather hurried emails as the year draws to an end, 
or at best dashing into the nearest stationary shop and buying a pack of cards off the shelf ( in my defence I do try and buy a card that donates a little to a good cause )

but - in case the cards go missing in the post this year . . .

here is wishing you love

You might be running out of time to lovingly hand craft your own cards this season, but you certainly still {just} have time to to hand write your wishes this year. 
So I did a little window shopping on Etsy for you and found these cards by artist Zana Lokmer, available via her shop on ETSY  - I love how the bright colours of her paintings translate into a christmas card just waiting for you to dash down your message and pop it into the post!

 cards by  Zana Lokmer, 
available via her shop on ETSY