The last ten years have been about movement and travel, family and fortune . . . during this time we discovered morocco, and were drawn to the countryside around Tangiers in particular.
So it is here we are trying to put down a few tentative roots in the hope of having a place to call home one of these fine days - a place where our children long to spend their holidays, and friends reminisce over glasses of cold wine while watching a warm sun sink into the horizon.
 If you read my story Two Eggs and A Djellaba, you will get an idea of how we went about getting our little piece of land on the edge of Africa.
Having done a bit of writing in my life, I thought it would be both fun and fulfilling to write & blog about our travels in northern morocco, sharing with you the places we go and the people we meet along the way as we plant our olive trees and draw plans in the sand for our home to be.

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