Sunday, 6 December 2015

Available Light

There are many things I love about Assilah;
I know it is small and sleepy seaside village most of the year 
- and actually that is precisely one of the reasons I love it! -
but another reason is the people I have met and friends I have made there.
Some are ordinary like me
while others have led a life a little less ordinary,
like photographer Andrew Maclear
whose medina house I have mentioned before - here.
However this little clip below shows what he was up to in the late 60's
I enjoyed watching it, so I thought you might to . . .!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

5 things about Tangiers

Anette knows Tangiers like the back of her hand, so I knew I could depend on her to show us a few places in Tangiers that are a little off the beaten track. 
Her time spent sourcing textiles and getting homeware made up for her company Just Morocco, has taken her deep into the medina as well as out into the alleys and corner shops - I would love to spend some time with her in Tangiers as my personal guide!
In the meantime  . . . 
this list will have to do.

#1 Msallah market:

 I love strolling down Msallah market in the evening with its abundance of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cakes, clothes – all in a totally chaotic mix. I was there yesterday buying veggies and came home with way too much so I later have to give most of it away to my neighbor when I leave. I just can't resist it!

#2 Place Seqaya
Such a lively small square in the middle of the medina with a great Thursday market. I especially like the small no-name café run by the most generous and warmhearted family. It is a perfect place to meet odd and interesting characters and ideal for people-watching.

#3:Lively food street
I do not really know the name of this street, but it is my favourite lunch street. There is a small hole-in-the-wall place that serves the best bessara tagine in Tangier and another one has really delicious kebabs with fresh salad. I could go on forever....

In my opinion the best patisserie is at the lower entrance to the medina. It is always crowded and they are constantly carrying in new calory-filled cakes. They also have the best, (and I am not the only one who thinks so), lemon cake this side of the Mediterranean.

#5:Terrace cafe Souk Barra
With a big piece of lemon cake, my feet take me automatically to the terrace cafe at Souk Barra. Best place for a lazy afternoon, good tea and strong coffee.

 And when she's not in Tangiers you can find Anette HERE exploring the markets and souks in the south. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Design inspiration

OK so this house is not in Tangiers,
in fact its not even in Morocco, 
but it could be . . .

When I saw it on Pinterest I was immediately drawn to it and started the process of pinterest sleuth- work (as one does) to discover its whereabouts.

Its in Mexico!
And, even better, if you have mexican holiday aspirations, it can also be found on Airbnb.

I think it is the overwhelming simplicity of design that draws me to this house,
and the way it sits so comfortably in its environment.

And yes
I know,

it would only be a matter of hours, if not minutes,
before I started slinging some carpets onto that concrete floor,
or adding some brash cushions into the mix,

but it has nevertheless been placed firmly into my file for inspirational elements and ideas.

What do you think Casa Tiny?

(and yes, that really is its name!) 

images via airbnb, miluccia and pinterest

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

5 things about Tangiers

By Laurence of  L'Atelier de Laurence Tanger

Tucked away on a quiet street just above the medina of Tangiers is the concept store of Laurence Guitard-Bezos . . . L'atelier de Laurence. It sits alongside the La Maison de Tanger just in case you also happen to need a place to stay while perusing the streets and souks of Tangiers!

Laurence has created a colourful and eclectic collection of homeware,clothes and accesories from morocco as well as other corners of the world that have attracted her attention. She has shared with us a few of the things she loves about Tangiers.

"Ce que j aime beaucoup à Tanger c est de prendre un café sur la terrasse du cinéma Rif et d regarder les gens passés un joyeux mélange de population"
What I really like in Tangier is to take a coffee on the terrace of the Rif cinema and watch the people passing by, a wonderful melting pot and mix.

 "Ensuite un de mes endroits préférés reste le café Hafa avec la vue prenante et envoûtante sur le détroit."
 And then one of my favourite places remains the Hafa café with its mesmerising view over the strait.

"J'aime aller me,promener dans la garrigue de Mediouna à travers les petits sentiers ou l on rencontre quelques fois les familles de sangliers sauvage et enfin et surtout la plage autour du mirage ou là nous pouvons marcher avec les chiens durant des kilomètres et des kilomètres et même prendre un petit café dans un café de plage qui fait de très bonnes sardines grillées (après aeroport)."

I like to go walking in the scrubland of the mediouna, throught the small trails where sometimes you can even encounter a wild boar family - and last but not least, the beach around the Mirage  where we can walk with the dogs for miles and miles as even have a quick coffee in a beach café, that also does very good grilled sardines!(just ater the airport).

So a few ideas to get you out and about if you are in Tangiers . . .
and don't forget to pop in and see Laurence in her Atelier
at 9 rue Al Mabarra, Tanger.

images and credits via

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

On the tiles

It's funny how things come in waves . . .
earlier this week I put a link on my facebook page to my Pinterest board: on the floor
because I had been seeing {and loving} the tiles from the Popham Design studio.

In a previous post - a tile is made - I've chatted a bit about the traditional artisan process involved in making these cement tiles. Popham Designs, based in Marrakech, have taken this traditional tile and transported it into a contemporary aesthetic which I just love. 

graphic and monochromatic

along with some wonderful bursts of colour

all images via

This assymetrical circle is one of my favourites, along with the colour!

 What do you think?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

5 things about Tangiers

and little bit more…
I asked Sarah Charpentier Riani - the creative force behind Ewwel designs - to list her Five Favourite Things in Tangiers.

 Il y a tellement de choses que j’aime à Tanger… ce fut donc difficile de n’en choisir que 5 ! Je vis dans cette ville depuis maintenant un peu plus de 3 ans, et chaque jour je découvre de nouvelles choses, de nouveaux endroits…Une atmosphère particulière qui ne laisse personne indifférent. Voici donc ma petite liste, sans ordre de préférence, des 5 choses que j’aime à Tanger :

There are so many things that I like about Tangier . . . it was hard to choose only 5! I have been living in this city for just over 3 years now, and every day I discover new things, new places -  it has an atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. So - here is my list, without order of preference, of  5 things I like about Tangier:

1) UNE BISSARA! Une plat tellement simple mais tellement bon…Une sorte de purée de pois cassés ou de fèves, agrémentée d’un filet d’huile d’olive du pays, du cumin et du paprika. Et c’est encore meilleur avec quelques petits morceaux d’oignons crus…Et qui dit Bissara, dit forêt de Perdicaris, un des meilleurs endroits pour en déguster une!

1) A BISSARA! A dish so simple but so good . . . it is a sort of pureed pea or bean soup, embellished with a dash of olive oil, cumin and paprika. And it's even better with a few small pieces of raw onions! And whoever says Bissara, also says Perdicaris Forest, one of the best places to enjoy it!

2) LA FORET DE PERDICARIS Sur les hauteurs de Tanger, c’est une forêt communale en plein milieu urbain. J’aime m’y promener en famille et admirer la richesse de sa biodiversité. On peut également y voir une mystérieuse villa aux airs de manoir (laissée très longtemps à l’abandon mais actuellement en pleine rénovation) dont le propriétaire était Ion Perdicaris, riche américain.

2 ) THE FOREST PERDICARIS On the heights of Tangier, it is a communal forest in an urban setting . I love to walk there with my family and admire its rich biodiversity. One can also see a mysterious manor house (very long left abandoned but currently being renovated) whose original owner was Ion Perdicaris, a wealthy American.

Et rien n’est plus agréable que de se balader sur la chaussée romaine et profiter d’une splendide vue sur la mer. 

And nothing is more pleasant than to walk on the old Roman road and enjoy the splendid sea view.

3) LA KASBAH C’est un de mes quartiers préférés à Tanger. Situé sur les hauteurs de la vieille médina, c’est un lieu chargé d’histoire. J’aime siroter un thé à la Menthe place du Tabor à l’ombre d’un ficus centenaire et profiter de l’ambiance apaisante…

3) THE KASBAH This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tangier. Located on the heights of the old medina, this is a place full of history. I like to sip a mint tea at the place of Tabor in the shade of a century-old ficus and enjoy the soothing ambience ...

La boutique LAS CHICAS est l’endroit incontournable du shopping à Tanger. Installée dans une ancienne maison rénovée avec goût, j’aime y découvrir les dernières nouveautés des designers locaux, papoter avec les charmantes propriétaires Ayda et Yasmine et faire une petite pause déjeuner sur la terrasse entre copines.
dans une ancienne maison rénovée avec goût, j’aime y découvrir les dernières nouveautés des
designers locaux, papoter avec les charmantes propriétaires Ayda et Yasmine et faire une
petite pause déjeuner sur la terrasse entre copines.
4) LAS CHICAS The shop Las Chicas is the place to shop in Tangier. Housed in an old house renovated with taste, I like to discover the latest local designers there, chatting with the charming owners Ayda and Yasmine while taking a lunchbreak on the terrace among friends.

Pour le moment, c’est l’unique cinéma à Tanger. Conservé dans son jus, j’aime
l’ambiance complètement vintage de ce lieu qui propose une belle programmation pour les
enfants, des nouveautés et des films d’auteur. Ici pas de pop corn, c’est plutôt ambiance thé à
la menthe et patisseries faites maison.
Entrée 20 Dirhams, imbattable !
5) THE CINEMATHEQUE For now,it is the only cinema in Tangier. Kept in its own original aesthetic, I love the completely vintage atmosphere of this place, which also offers a great programme for children, novelties and art films . Here there is no popcorn, but plenty of atmosphere, mint tea and homemade pastries. Entry 20 Dirhams, unbeatable!

Parce-que faire une liste de mes 5 choses préférées à Tanger est vraiment trop difficile, et parce-que ce n’est plus vraiment Tanger, je me permets d’ajouter un sixième lieu ! 6) PLAGE HERMES Après Assilah, sur la route de Larache, se trouve la plage de Sidi Mghait. Appelée aussi Plage Hermès (dû à la présence de la maison du célèbre créateur français), cette plage est assez difficile d’accès. Bien qu’aménagée de transats et de petits Chiringuitos , cette plage reste sauvage et tranquille. J’aime y un faire un bain d’argile et déguster un bon tajine de poisson face à la mer. Du pur bonheur.
Because making a list of my five favorite things to Tangier is really too difficult, and because - it's not really Tanger , I might add a sixth place! 6)PLAGE HERMES - Just after Assilah, on the road to Larache, is the beach of Sidi Mghait.This beach is also called Hermes(due to the presence of the house of the famous French designer, this beach is difficult to access. Although there are some deckchairs and small Chiringuitos in the summer, this beach remains wild and tranquil. I like to make a clay bath and enjoy a good fish tagine facing the sea . Pure happiness.

So . . . a few ideas for next time you find yourself in Tangiers?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back to the Blog!

Sitting in the gentle morning sunlight, sipping on my coffee and thinking about where I am and where I am going {in a blog context that is}! Big thoughts for so early in the day!


September always feels like a time for new beginnings here in the northern hemisphere - while friends and family down south are starting to look forward to warmer days and the start of spring, we are noticing the days slowly growing shorter and the sunshine softer.


This September has most definitely brought winds of change sweeping through our lives - and this will be reflected in the pages of this blog and other projects to follow . . . exciting I hope!!


Instead of being full time in Morocco we have decided - for a time - to commute between the british countryside and the moroccan seaside. Not a bad option really, a good one for the family as a whole, and one that, as I said, brings new opportunities with it! So keep an eye on the blog as I hatch my plans (online shops, pop-up shops!) to bring a little moroccan inspiration to the somewhat cooler climes of the corner of the welsh countryside we are now calling home!


To keep up to date with these changes and projects follow me on


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Friday, 10 July 2015

summer holiday . . .

it would be great if you followed me on instagram to see what I see en-route!


happy holidays

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Airbnb in Assilah

If you are anything like me, you are still flicking around the internet planning your summer holiday.
 A tad last minute possibly but never too late!
And if Airbnb is your thing - there are still deals to be done, certainly if you are in search of some sunshine in  Assilah.

A friend of mine often stays in this perfect medina bolthole - I love visiting her when she is there because it is so quiet and peaceful - a wonderful respite to the clamour of the krakia down my end of the medina!        Just take a left just a little further on . . .

Although small (it's perfect for 2) there is a wonderful sense of uncluttered light and space.

A burst of colour is the perfect backdrop for the plants on the little patio leading off the bedroom.

Most of the furnishings and decor are from the medina - so haven't had far to go and feel right at home!

The temptation to over decorate in morocco is huge - I think this calm and uncluttered interior is why I find this house so restful and love visiting.

Make yourself a cup of coffee in the kitchen then step up onto the terrace to gaze over the medina.

have a look here for more information

all images via

Friday, 5 June 2015

a holiday home in tunisia

calm, understated, organic . . .
all qualities that drew me to these images of this lovely holiday home in Tunisia.
I think I could spend a lot of time here, plus on a more selfish note, there are also a lot of ideas
and inspirations that I want to keep on file for myself - one day!
 I felt these pictures had a weekend kind of feel - the kind of thing you want to peruse with a morning coffee,
not too taxing!

Happy Weekend
images by via Cote Maison

for more information and credits go HERE