Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Design inspiration

OK so this house is not in Tangiers,
in fact its not even in Morocco, 
but it could be . . .

When I saw it on Pinterest I was immediately drawn to it and started the process of pinterest sleuth- work (as one does) to discover its whereabouts.

Its in Mexico!
And, even better, if you have mexican holiday aspirations, it can also be found on Airbnb.

I think it is the overwhelming simplicity of design that draws me to this house,
and the way it sits so comfortably in its environment.

And yes
I know,

it would only be a matter of hours, if not minutes,
before I started slinging some carpets onto that concrete floor,
or adding some brash cushions into the mix,

but it has nevertheless been placed firmly into my file for inspirational elements and ideas.

What do you think Casa Tiny?

(and yes, that really is its name!) 

images via airbnb, miluccia and pinterest

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