Friday, 27 June 2014

coffee break

Things have been quite busy in my neck of the woods, so I thought it might be time for a coffee break.


I am pretty flexible about a lot of things - but a non-negotiable in my morning schedule (well, schedule may be a bit ambitious for my day) is coffee!
I am not naturally a morning person, but the promising aroma emanating from the moka pot on the stove will get me up - that quiet time in the morning with our coffee . . .


Yes - I have been known to pack my very own moka pot when  moving into uncharted coffee territory.   and no - instant coffee is not really coffee! 


As much as I love coffee, I don't really do breakfast,
so a biscotti to nibble on with my coffee is perfection
(I never dip!)


This recipe is via Urvashi at The Botanical Baker - click HERE for details

I love this Moka print by Luzelle of Mengsel

She prints it on cotton dish cloth as well- I think I might treat my kitchen!

I've recently stumbled across some lovely vintage images here on pinterest - more moka love.

I prefer to drink my coffee out of a teacup kind of size - never a mug! These ones from the online site Superbalist are rather nice don't you think?

And finally - while you are enjoying your coffee you might want to listen to some Coffee Pot Blues by Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three 

I hope you have a lovely weekend & are able to take time to smell the coffee!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Akasha Mountain Retreat

When talking about Akasha, you have to start with the mountain  . . .
This beautiful Moroccan styled retreat sits high up and  close to the southern most point of Africa and the magnificence of its location cannot go unmentioned!

Owners Elana and Chris have created and built Akasha into a peaceful little bit of luxury on this mountain top. They have incorporated their love of Moroccan design and craft into every aspect, and these design elements from way up north combine perfectly with a Southern African aesthetic.

The palette and tones are muted and natural, complimenting the view rather than distracting from it.

 A carefully constructed combination of vistas, and decorative details.

Original old doors from morocco, logs from the farm, sculptural candelabra all work together
to form a harmonious "cape-maroc" mood board.

It's the details that always distract me in a place like this!

tea-in-akasha anyone?

Silver tea trays and containers add a reflective note to the palette

The bedrooms are designed to maximise the views,
while the sequins on the handira reflect the morning sunshine.

And just because you are, quite literally, at the end of a well beaten track, doesn't mean that all your creature comforts won't be taken care of.

There are even plans {I hear} of a spa and some interesting Earth Zen products -
so time for a massage and a little detox before sunset and a glass of red?

Doors open onto secret spaces and the barriers between inside and outside melt away.

 Carefully sourced items from Moroccan souks have found a new home and add a brush of colour to the palette.

And finally again  . . . that view

My visit was a fleeting one - but I do plan to go back!

To find out more about staying at Akasha Mountain Retreat you can find them on Facebook
or on their website:

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

it's been a year . . .

since I started tea-in-tangiers!

take a trip down memory lane with me
back to that first post

I didnt think a simple "thank you" would suffice
so . . .


Friday, 6 June 2014

Smoked Cardamom Ice Cream

With a salty honey caramel swirl!

I first stumbled across the recipes of The Bojon Gourmet when her Moroccan Mojito caught my eye, and since then, although I have never met Alanna, I know we have at least two things in common . . .  a love of all things cardamom, along with a weakness for a good home made ice cream.
 There is something really satisfying about making ice cream in all its opulent and non-compromising glory!

When I saw her recipe for Smoked Cardomom Ice Cream I thought it was definitely time to dust off that ice cream maker and rustle through my spice box!

so if this sounds like something you could slip into your weekend agenda,
 have a look HERE for the recipe.
(all images via The Bojon Gourmet)

Enjoy your weekend !