Thursday, 23 February 2017

Les Orientales in Tangier, Morocco

Back in Tangier on the blog today,
with a tantalising view of this beautiful home in the medina that is available via La Conciergerie Moderne.
There are so many different options and sites to choose from when looking for accomodation when you are planning a trip - and where you stay can make or break a holiday. La Conciergerie Moderne is a small Tangier based company that I have used and happily recommend - plus they have some beautiful properties on their list!
A place like this could indeed make my holiday - what do you think?

Les Orientales has been named after the collection of poems by Victor Hugo of the same name, and is full of attention to detail and designer vignettes.


It is interesting - having just come back from Marrakech - how the different environments impact on the design and architecture of the homes and riads.

 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms - room for everyone!

The perfect place to spend a leisurely evening or two -  sitting on this terrace watching the sun sink over the mediterranean  . . .

So if you fancy sipping a little tea in tangier this summer click across and
find more information HERE



Thursday, 16 February 2017

tea in . . . marrakech: a list!

A quick list of a few of my suggestions for places to stay, eat and shop in Marrakech.

1: Riad Linda - A lovely riad - friendly, inexpensive and great central location.  

2: Le 68 Bar a Vin - Perfect place to enjoy a quiet glass of wine (or 2) out of the bustle of the    medina

3: Amal Women's Training Centre: I so enjoyed my morning here doing a cooking course (will write a blog about that soon). Definitely something worth doing while supporting a good cause.

4: Riad Magi - Another lovely riad we stayed in - not far from Raid Linda actually so also pretty central 

5: Dar Yacout -  a dramatic setting for a fabulous meal

6: 33 Rue Majorelle - for a little quiet and contemporary shopping outside of the medina

7: Cafe des Epices - one of my favourite spots to sit and have a coffee while watching the activity in the souk des epices below

and finally

our last night in Marrakech was spent in style . . .
with a drink at the beautiful El Fenn

while en route to

8: Tobsil Marrakech - a fabulous last night treat at a beautiful restaurant.

I only managed to scratch the surface of Marrakech, but am definitely looking forward to going back and getting to know it a little more