Friday, 16 December 2016

A little love on my christmas list

Maybe its my age 
(quite possible - I am teetering on the edge of grumpy old lady-dom!)
or maybe it is rather the spirit of the age,
as we all realise how close we are to increasing uncertainty and change,
and that in this strange and convoluted planet of ours we are amongst the lucky ones who really, honestly,
don't need much more in our lives!

So what to put under that tree or in that stocking? 

I quite like the idea of focussing on experiences rather than "stuff", and taking my dog for a walk in the lanes recently, I discovered a small notice on a stone wall advertising bread making classes - amazing that right here in the middle of Wales I can learn how to make Breads of the Middle East . . .
Homemade pitta coming up !

My husband will be opening an envelope from under the tree (hopefully he is not reading this!) informing him I have booked his first skype Darija (moroccan arabic) lesson . . .

I have been getting inspiration from sites like Help Refugees for some stocking fillers!

And have been hinting broadly for THIS BOOK to be under the tree with my name on it

I also think it is great to support small businesses and peoples online creativity, and have earmarked these bags from Moroccan MustHaves

This Bristish Brand - Wawwa - are donating a hat for a hat
and the beanies look pretty cool too

Trust me - there will be plenty of Prosecco, silly hats and slightly more frivolous gifts being exchanged on the day, but I am planning to have one or two of these items in the stockings in a small attempt to spread the joy a little this holiday season.

Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings


Saturday, 10 December 2016


It's that time of the year when I start feeling all creative about cocktails.
Its a christmas thing . . .
It is also the time of the year that you can find fresh pomegranates in the markets of Morocco
so when I saw this little recipe on The Bojon Gourmet, I had to share it in the spirit of the season!

I thought the idea of grilling the lemon is interesting . . . ?

Just follow THIS LINK to the Alannas blog for the full recipe and instructions
Happy Holidays