Friday, 31 January 2014

Seriously Seeking some advice . . .

From Pinterest to Print!

Over the past few months I have been posting these pinterest collages

 on facebook

 and on this blog

 I have had such a good response that I thought I would choose a few to print as cards. 
It would be great if you had a look again and let me know which ones are your favourites.
I'm finding it hard to make a choice!

you can see them all together on PINTEREST

or . . .

HERE on tea-in-tangiers

Thanks for your time

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Home on the Straits

A bright and eclectic family home in Tangiers

"The visual artist Yto Barrada grew up in Tangier, in a house nestled in a large park along the cliffs overlooking the Strait of Gibrltar. She then moved to New York, Paris, Jerusalem, finally returning to her childhood home with her husband Sean and their daughter Vega"
(source: Milk  )

source: Milk 
original text: Marie Mersier
photographs: Julie Ansiau

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Boucherouite

the slightly more bohemian cousin of the Beni Ourain . . .?


I was going through some photographs yesterday - the ones still sitting on my camera  . . .      
    (yes, organising images is yet another thing to add to an ever-growing 'to do' list)
 when I saw these pictures I took last year of some Boucherouite rugs on the medina wall of Assilah.
 The wall is an extension of my friend Omar's carpet shop, 
 a place where I have spent many an hour wading through his seemingly endless collection of carpets!

A far cry from the trendsetting heavyweight of Moroccan rugs, the Beni Ourain,
 but a bit more fun possibly?Now  I must confess to initially having been a little unsure of the often crazy designs, the wildly tangential colours, not to mention the whole rag thing . . . 

 But I am now a convert, and in no small measure I would suspect this is as a result of seeing them transformed when taken out of the medina and placed in less cluttered and more contemporary environments.



I think they are perfect for childrens rooms  - the bright patterns, the rags, can all take a bit of wear and tear and even the odd spatter of fingerpaint without a family crisis ensuing . . .


if you want one for your own home
 have a look  and shop here

If you want to know a little more about the history and production of these particular rugs,
 have a look here 
This website 
is a great reference site for these and other Moroccan carpets

for links and credits, as well as more images
 have a look at our Pinterest board Moroccan Style and Design

or pop across to SF Girl by Bay 
and read her post : You Say Rug, I Say Boucherouite

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Food of Morocco

A cook book by  Paula Wolfert,
although so much more than a cookbook,
 and one of my favourites.

This is a cookbook that has not been relegated to the shelf in the kitchen along with our other dog eared, coffee stained {but much loved} cookery tomes - no, it has pride of place on our coffee table in the lounge!

 1: because it is beautiful to look at, and

 2: for ease of access, because we both like to page through it on occasion just to look at the pictures!

 This book is a journey through Morocco, 
 explaining the regions, their geography and their cuisine 
from the rif mountains to the seaside villages.
It is full of inspiring photography, interesting quotes,
and of course a plethora of recipes.

Beautiful images followed by regional recipes,
 with a few well known local haunts mentioned along the way.

Fried Sardines, Tangier - Style

The art of picking Saffron

a few store cupboard essentials like Preserved Lemons
(which reminds me, we are running low!)
Harissa Paste

and of course concluding with clear instructions on how to make a good tea 
 whether in Tangier or anywhere else you might find yourself

so sit back and enjoy the read

 the cooking can come later

because - like Claudia Roden says on the cover . . . 

The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert
Photographs by Quentin Bacon
Published by Bloomsbury

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 . . . and time for those resolutions

My 2014 new years resolutions may appear a little frivolous on the surface,
 but I am working on the premise that world peace,
 health and happiness for my children and family are a given, 
and that this little wish list below is something I can work on to add that little bit extra,
 that bit of fairy dust,
 to this new year of ours.

#1: to re-discover my inner domestic goddess and take the time and make the effort to create a truly beautiful cake (or 2)

#2 : to take control of all of my 'bright ideas' and make them happen instead of just talking about them.

#3 : in the 'about me' page on this blog I talk about shifting the balance, about where we want to spend more time, and about making a home - the reason behind the blog really - a big one but going to try really hard on this resolution!

#4: on a slightly more light hearted note  . . .  to make sure I occasionally create the necessity to wear {faux} fur and consider unnecessary details like frozen cranberries in a flute of champagne

#5 : to try and work towards some memorable gatherings with both family and friends

#6 : and no more excuses . . . definitely the year to work on my french!

and so to you all

bonne annĂ©e