Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Food of Morocco

A cook book by  Paula Wolfert,
although so much more than a cookbook,
 and one of my favourites.

This is a cookbook that has not been relegated to the shelf in the kitchen along with our other dog eared, coffee stained {but much loved} cookery tomes - no, it has pride of place on our coffee table in the lounge!

 1: because it is beautiful to look at, and

 2: for ease of access, because we both like to page through it on occasion just to look at the pictures!

 This book is a journey through Morocco, 
 explaining the regions, their geography and their cuisine 
from the rif mountains to the seaside villages.
It is full of inspiring photography, interesting quotes,
and of course a plethora of recipes.

Beautiful images followed by regional recipes,
 with a few well known local haunts mentioned along the way.

Fried Sardines, Tangier - Style

The art of picking Saffron

a few store cupboard essentials like Preserved Lemons
(which reminds me, we are running low!)
Harissa Paste

and of course concluding with clear instructions on how to make a good tea 
 whether in Tangier or anywhere else you might find yourself

so sit back and enjoy the read

 the cooking can come later

because - like Claudia Roden says on the cover . . . 

The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert
Photographs by Quentin Bacon
Published by Bloomsbury

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