Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 . . . and time for those resolutions

My 2014 new years resolutions may appear a little frivolous on the surface,
 but I am working on the premise that world peace,
 health and happiness for my children and family are a given, 
and that this little wish list below is something I can work on to add that little bit extra,
 that bit of fairy dust,
 to this new year of ours.

#1: to re-discover my inner domestic goddess and take the time and make the effort to create a truly beautiful cake (or 2)

#2 : to take control of all of my 'bright ideas' and make them happen instead of just talking about them.

#3 : in the 'about me' page on this blog I talk about shifting the balance, about where we want to spend more time, and about making a home - the reason behind the blog really - a big one but going to try really hard on this resolution!

#4: on a slightly more light hearted note  . . .  to make sure I occasionally create the necessity to wear {faux} fur and consider unnecessary details like frozen cranberries in a flute of champagne

#5 : to try and work towards some memorable gatherings with both family and friends

#6 : and no more excuses . . . definitely the year to work on my french!

and so to you all

bonne année 


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