Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Boucherouite

the slightly more bohemian cousin of the Beni Ourain . . .?


I was going through some photographs yesterday - the ones still sitting on my camera  . . .      
    (yes, organising images is yet another thing to add to an ever-growing 'to do' list)
 when I saw these pictures I took last year of some Boucherouite rugs on the medina wall of Assilah.
 The wall is an extension of my friend Omar's carpet shop, 
 a place where I have spent many an hour wading through his seemingly endless collection of carpets!

A far cry from the trendsetting heavyweight of Moroccan rugs, the Beni Ourain,
 but a bit more fun possibly?Now  I must confess to initially having been a little unsure of the often crazy designs, the wildly tangential colours, not to mention the whole rag thing . . . 

 But I am now a convert, and in no small measure I would suspect this is as a result of seeing them transformed when taken out of the medina and placed in less cluttered and more contemporary environments.



I think they are perfect for childrens rooms  - the bright patterns, the rags, can all take a bit of wear and tear and even the odd spatter of fingerpaint without a family crisis ensuing . . .


if you want one for your own home
 have a look  and shop here

If you want to know a little more about the history and production of these particular rugs,
 have a look here 
This website 
is a great reference site for these and other Moroccan carpets

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 have a look at our Pinterest board Moroccan Style and Design

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  1. They adore the carpets Boucherouite, are all so colorful and versatile ... Oujda in this area are hard to find

    1. they are lovely - you will have to come to Asiilah to do some shopping!