Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back to the Blog!

Sitting in the gentle morning sunlight, sipping on my coffee and thinking about where I am and where I am going {in a blog context that is}! Big thoughts for so early in the day!


September always feels like a time for new beginnings here in the northern hemisphere - while friends and family down south are starting to look forward to warmer days and the start of spring, we are noticing the days slowly growing shorter and the sunshine softer.


This September has most definitely brought winds of change sweeping through our lives - and this will be reflected in the pages of this blog and other projects to follow . . . exciting I hope!!


Instead of being full time in Morocco we have decided - for a time - to commute between the british countryside and the moroccan seaside. Not a bad option really, a good one for the family as a whole, and one that, as I said, brings new opportunities with it! So keep an eye on the blog as I hatch my plans (online shops, pop-up shops!) to bring a little moroccan inspiration to the somewhat cooler climes of the corner of the welsh countryside we are now calling home!


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