Thursday 8 August 2013

and a tile is made . . .

one of the {many} things I love about morocco is the continuation of traditional crafts in a completely functional day to day kind of way. 

In the town there will be a glass man, the well men, the henna ladies and of course, the tile man! These concrete tiles epitomise Mediterranean design and surface pattern, and pop up regularly in beautiful homes from Morocco to Monaco. What amazes me every time I walk through the tile  workshop, is that every single one is hand made, individually coloured and pressed  - and all in a matter of seconds (ok, well maybe minutes, but a little poetic licence is surely allowed ?)

So , in a very functional workspace

 sand is shovelled, 

designs are picked, 

and colours are put - quite literally - into the mix . . . 

 and a tile is made

and then another

and another

until you have a floor -full

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1 comment:

  1. I have some of the grey ones on my dining room table.
    I will appreciate the more now I know that they are all hand made. Beautiful!