Wednesday, 19 February 2014

my {current} kitchen moodboard

Well, at the moment I'm thinking about kitchens  (rather than castles) in the sand  . . .

And while I am sure my time would be better spent planning plumbing and other practicalities,
 this is far more interesting!

Rather than get bogged down in the boring bits, I continue collecting images and ideas for how I want my kitchen in morocco to look.
Slowly a pattern is emerging,
 as I veer towards the dark side of things on my imaginary kitchen moodboard!


 these beautiful black tiles

it does indeed

a dash of vintage cutlery

some filtered light

and of course, candlelight

no kitchen of mine is complete without a moka pot, 
and these little cups would be perfect for our morning coffee

the natural textures of wood

which would sit comfortably next to the graphic lines of these ceramics

worn and inviting - and an eclectic mix of chairs to take a seat

and possibly for a bit of luxury, a beautiful vintage Beni Ourain
carpet tucked under the chairs.
Perfect for warming your bare feet on a winters morning 
(contact me if you like the look of this carpet, it just could be for sale!)

so a palette of browns, blacks, wood and other natural textures
 seems to be the direction of the day . . . 
what do you think?

coffee anyone?

but please remember, 
it is a womans' prerogative to change her mood{board}
as often as she pleases!

all images above and credits, unless shown otherwise, can be found here