Wednesday, 19 March 2014

tea in . . . hong kong

or Le Souk in Soho to be more precise!

After a long day of temples and incense, dim sum and chopsticks
 we were a little unsure of where to rest our weary limbs . . .
but amidst all the neon of the Hong Kong night, 
the more gentle glow of lanterns drew us in
 (lighting being an important consideration at my age - overhead neon is not the most flattering!)

a little glass {or 2} of Spanish Rioja at a bar decorated with hanging teapots
soon became a relaxed and drawn out evening of goat cheese and mint, couscous and baklava
and other middle eastern flavours

and yes . .  the image is a little blurred around the edges
 as it was taken after our lovely host Hero had plied us with several more glasses of wine!

So if like us, you find yourself in Hong Kong
 (Staunton Street, SoHo to be precise)
and you feel like stepping off the sidewalk to partake in a tagine,
or need to satisfy your craving for hummus and baba ghanoush,
look no further 

 and yes, I can recommend the Rioja!

Le Souk 

it would be great if you could . . .

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