Monday, 1 September 2014

Searching for a Boucherouite

Well its official . . .
August has come to an end, September is upon us 
and so the blogging begins!
It has been a wonderfu sun and family filled few weeks,
 but I must confess that I have managed a few forays into the medina in search of the perfetly {imperfect} Boucherouite carpet for a friend.

This has involved sifting through the piles and stacks of carpets on display

A hard job as they say, but somebody has to do it!

And it seemed a shame that out of all these beautiful and painterly creations, we could only choose one.
So I thought I would show them around and see if anyone else would like to buy a boucherouite or two.
If you fancy a little colour from morocco in your home,
handcrafted from lifes scraps and cast offs.
Have a look here and see what you think!

It does seem a pity to leave them piled up in the medina
when one of them could be casting a colourful hue across your floor.
For more information , sizes, pricing contact me directly on email or message me.

And if none of these take your fancy, I am sure we can find one that does!


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  1. I have a soft spot for these carpets and it toom a long time before finding the perfectly imperfect one for my kid's room. My next mission: a Beni Ourain carpet for the living room !

    1. i think they are perfect for a kids room - but the Beni Ourains are definitely my favourites!