Thursday, 29 January 2015

SHOUF! {look!}

come and look! 
 the merchants would call as you walked past their shop in the medina!

image by Hassan Hajjaj via

It has been a process of some internal debate - but I have decided to venture back into the domain of merchants and makers selling their wares on this amazing world wide web of ours.
I have loved creating tea-in-tangiers, and immersing myself in pretty pictures and {at times} poetic words . . .  but over the last few months I have had this nagging pre-occupation to turn it into something a little more economically viable.
And so this - along with the fact that I am unable to walk past a carpet shop without touching, remarking, and generally wanting to re-home all the merchandise,
resulted in  . . .

For a collection of both traditional and contemporary Moroccan textiles and design.

 I am starting off in the realm of carpets but plan to broaden our horizons in the near future.

I cannot take any credit for the name.
Omar, who has taught me pretty much all I know about Moroccan carpets, came up with the name  when we were discussing the idea of me getting back into the market place.
He explained how in days gone by this was like a catch phrase for traders trying to catch the passers by - shouf-shouf, come and see . . . 
So please stop by
have a look

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And share - your support would make my day!


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