Thursday, 19 May 2016

5 things about Tangiers: with Rima Farah

By artist Rima Farah


I first met Rima when I moved to Assilah and she fast became both a reference point for where to find ANYTHING in Tangiers as well as a friend who provided an often much needed voice of calm in the madness that can be Tangiers.
Her art, like her is one of quiet patience as she interprets the lyrical shapes and forms of arabic calligraphy onto canvases and ceramics.

When I asked her to list me her "5 things about Tangiers " her reply was less about specific people and places, and more about the essence of the city:

#1: The sea - surrounded by both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, I feel at the edge of the world.

#2:The topography - I love the hills and the open green spaces, the plants, the flowers. The space keeps me fit!

#3: The birds - the migrations twice a year with the storks everywhere, and birdsong. 
Lots of open  and magical skies and that special light for painters.

 #4 The food - lots of fresh fish, markets full of local seasonal produce and a huge variety - totally spoilt!

#5 The people - both the Moroccan and non-moroccan, Tangiers is like an airport, people coming in and out and lots of languages, stories, interests and characters - Never a dull moment!

More recently Rima has embarked on a project of getting little pieces of "baraka" woven onto cushions  But more about that later . . . !

For more about Rima and her art:

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