Thursday, 9 March 2017

{moroccan} carpets in the bathroom

While the steadfastly practical amongst you might rise an eyebrow at the thought of throwing a carpet down in the bathroom   . . .  I say just think of it as a rather more luxurious bath-mat!
I've put together a little gallery of carpeted bathroom inspiration for you:
which is your favourite?

 Moroccan Boucherouite carpets are pretty high on the boho trend list and these colourful carpets are really well suited to the bathroom as most of them are simple cotton rag rugs and easy to clean and dry out after a soak in the tub!

 Another Boucherouite that adds a wonderful splash of colour to this bathroom.

This lovely diamond pattern boucherouite would be perfect in a bathroom with its relatively flat weave.

a little co-ordinated drama leading up to this black bath
(I do like this bath!)

Pattern on pattern - carpet on tile - it all works!

And finally - these organic cactus-silk carpets are top of my list at the moment - because they are a flat weave and cotton mix they are also hard wearing and quick to dry out if they get a few splashes from that shower behind those beautiful wooden doors.

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