Tuesday, 23 July 2013

le salon bleu

Just to prove that do I actually drink tea, sometimes even in Tangiers . . .   and that the title for this blog is not simply a result of my linguistic obsession for alliteration!

This morning you could have stumbled across me at le salon bleu, a tea lounge overlooking the kasbah where I went to escape the midday sun while sedately sipping some mint tea! 

I had had my fill of the sights and sounds of the grande socco - the main square of Tangiers that leads into the medina and surrounding shops and souks - and having spent the morning negotiating fabrics & colours, sizes & threads . . . I needed that mint tea!
And le salon bleu was the perfect place to retreat to - so put it on your list if you find yourself with time to spare in the kasbah of Tangiers!
Good tea, good decor, good location - what more does a girl need?
It is connected to the hotel Dar Nour, a place which I haven't stayed at yet (they where fully booked ) but it is definitely on my list for next time!

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