Monday, 15 July 2013

postcards from the edge . . . of africa

lets talk about post of the old fashioned, handwritten, non-virtual variety . . . 

not about 'posting' on a blog or on facebook
 but a good old fashioned pen and stamp item that gets hand delivered days {& sometimes weeks} later, right to your door or postbox!
I am on my way to Tangiers and Assilah later this week for a little research and relaxation time, 
and I thought how lovely it would be, to sit sipping my coffee, or {as the blog title would have it } a glass of mint tea,
 possibly even at Cafe Hafa
looking across the ocean to Europe from the tip of Africa 
while penning a postcard or two
to you . . .

                                                                                                                  image via dar malak

So this is my idea . . .
 you send me your postal address - below on comments, via private message facebook, or to the email listed on my contact page 
 and i will write (just a quick hello, how are you, wish you where here) and post you a postcard from Tangiers, Assilah, or somewhere inbetween

Please do it -  make my day!

and just think, a new stamp to add to your collection!


  1. Me first! And I will reciprocate. (Sending address to inbox now...)

  2. Me second! And I'll try to find the cheesiest Devon sea-side postcard to reciprocate.

  3. whereas mine will be the most tasteful of missives from the shores of tangiers!!

  4. Who doesn't love getting snail mail from far off lands!!! I'm in... I'll email you now x

  5. Can't wait to send to all corners of the world!

  6. Can husbands also be on the postal list ?

  7. Sent you my address. A poor second to sitting at the Café Hafa with you!