Monday, 15 July 2013

postcards from the edge . . . of africa

lets talk about post of the old fashioned, handwritten, non-virtual variety . . . 

not about 'posting' on a blog or on facebook
 but a good old fashioned pen and stamp item that gets hand delivered days {& sometimes weeks} later, right to your door or postbox!
I am on my way to Tangiers and Assilah later this week for a little research and relaxation time, 
and I thought how lovely it would be, to sit sipping my coffee, or {as the blog title would have it } a glass of mint tea,
 possibly even at Cafe Hafa
looking across the ocean to Europe from the tip of Africa 
while penning a postcard or two
to you . . .

                                                                                                                  image via dar malak

So this is my idea . . .
 you send me your postal address - below on comments, via private message facebook, or to the email listed on my contact page 
 and i will write (just a quick hello, how are you, wish you where here) and post you a postcard from Tangiers, Assilah, or somewhere inbetween

Please do it -  make my day!

and just think, a new stamp to add to your collection!