Wednesday, 11 September 2013

deep in the medina . . .Dar JAND

In the spirit of intrepid blogging I tried a new place to rest my soul and sample some {more} mint tea on my last visit to Tangiers.

Nestled in the heart of the old medina of Tangiers  -another first for me as I normally stay in the Marchan district - Dar JAND is a really good place to discover medina life, as unlike a lot of other hotels and b&b's, it is very much part of, and integrated into the community.
 Having walked up the narrow medina road, trying desperately to make mental notes of where to turn left or right or not, as Andrew pointed out the various landmarks. After stopping en-route to chat to people, make routine greetings with neighbours, we reached the front door of Dar JAND. Typically the door gives no indication of what is beyond, and the unassuming exterior leads onto a rich and traditional moroccan interior, full of attention to detail not to mention more than a few home touches that make sure your stay is a good one.

But in my opinion - what really makes the difference here is that Janet and Andrew, the creators and owners of Dar JAND,  simply and genuinely want their guests to experience the Tangiers they love and have become part of . . . and it is worth the effort, because you walk out of there feeling like you have really spent time in the medina rather than having just passed through.

and, at the end of the day, move up to the roof terrace for a lovely view of Tangiers in the softening shadows - just sit and enjoy the view, and watch a ship go sailing by . . . 

for a wealth of practical information
on Tangiers visit Janet & Andrews blog

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