Friday, 6 September 2013

Indigo: The Colour that Changed the World

a little bit of blue to brighten up the weekend . . .

A friend of mine recently drew my attention to this book, and the images are so lovely I felt they where worth sharing. 

There is something enigmatic and inspiring about a colour with history and a story, and out of all those colours indigo is perhaps one of the most poetic. Its story takes you on a trip from Africa, to Asia and Central America.

                                                                         {image via}

The emblematic blue of the Tuareg (an ancient Berber tribe that ranges from southern morocco through to Mali) tells of the history of the trade routes as their turbans and cloths are dyed from the ink of sea urchins from the Mediterranean sea.

But {as they say} I digress - so back to the book,
 and below are just a few of the beautiful images that made me want to dash out and buy it,
 to page through it at my leisure before displaying it on my coffee table . . .

                                                                                                       {all images via}

you can read more about the book here,
 or buy it here

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