Wednesday, 13 November 2013

a {slightly} more contemporary approach . . .

What struck me about this Tangier's home of designer Bruno Frisoni, was how it manages to combine a more contemporary feel while still showcasing a lot of the traditional elements of Moroccan design -  its bright colours and airy spaces are like a breath of fresh air as it perches above Tangier looking out across the city .

These words quoted below from the Vogue article in which it originally appeared struck home with me . . .

 "Accustomed to the more picturesque delights of ancient Marrakech and Fez, he was confronted by a sprawling place of “traffic jams and a lot of dust.” But he loved the house of their host, the garrulous decorator Yves Taralon, constructed like the prow of an ocean liner and set in the side of a sloping cliff with plunging views to the Spanish coastline some 20 miles across the water. Frisoni also warmed to the city’s madcap and fun-loving denizens, and the pale ribbon of empty beach stretching to the pretty whitewashed seaside village of Asilah down the coast. “It was not exactly a touristic town,” he remembers—and this, ultimately, was its appeal."

Photography: Fran├žois Halard
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