Wednesday, 6 November 2013

dive right in . . .

While friends in the north are battoning down the proverbial hatches,shaking out their scarves as the days grow shorter and colder - I'm down south till the end of the month and it is getting warmer by the day!
While I was cooling off  in a friends pool yesterday, I started dreaming of the perfect pool to place amongst our olive trees . . . although our trees have a way to go before we can have a vista like the one below!

 Maybe we should go for something more decorative, a part of the house rather than the garden?

Or possibly something a little more private and personal to plunge into?

A more natural approach? (I do like this one!)

  or in the style of The Murano in Marrakech - something a little less predictable?

Well, dreaming and planning are part of the journey . . . 

any thoughts on these poolside ponderings?

{all images above with credits can be found HERE}

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