Tuesday, 29 October 2013

tea at . . . la tangerina

 Sitting on the roof terrace of La Tangerina, gazing across the straits towards Spain, sipping on hot mint tea or maybe a cold glass of wine, always feels just a little remarkable to me. 

A {literal} stones throw away from the fortified walls that overlook the ocean, La Tangerina is on the main road that goes through the kasbah,

 As you knock on the somewhat daunting front door, you feel a little like something out of a fairy tale as the door swings open and you step out of the road and into the calm and cool of the hotel.
Fresh flowers, filtered light, a canary chirping somewhere up the stairs . . .

Attention to detail is evident everywhere, from the collection of vintage radios, to thoughtfully selected books to page through as you sink into a comfortable chair.

Each room is different and decorated with carfully chosen vintage carpets and locally sourced textiles. A little like going into someones home - just better.

image via Abanja

And if your ensuite feels a little too much like hard work after a busy day in the souks, there is always the hammam, where the days dust can be washed away for you.

Still feel the need to relax even more  - well, you are on holiday aren't you? 
  Head back up to the terrace and recline
 right here with a good book. 


That's just a few of the reasons why I love staying at La Tangerina!

if you have the time and the inclination . . .
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(images from tea-in-tangiers & La Tangerina)


  1. We are flattered that you included our Berna fouta shot at La Tangerina, but we would have appreciated being credited. Thank you. www.abanja.com

  2. my sincere aplogies!!
    I do try and make sure all images are credited - the correction has been made already with a link to your website. Thanks for getting in touch - Pauline