Tuesday, 13 May 2014

beach house basics

If you have had time to flick across to either my twitter or facebook page, 
you will have seen me describe myself as
 moving between the southern tip and the northern edge of africa 
Well, last month saw us spending holiday time down south,
 and for the last week we were lucky enough to sit still for a while and stay in a friends beach cottage.
 This was a cottage full of nostalgia for me, full of patina and texture from my childhood beach holidays.
 No grand vistas, vast sheets of glass or cutting edge design, but instead hot water that comes on with a woosh of the gas flame, beds that just might have a slightly grainy feeling of sand at your toes, piles of shells collected over the years . . 

I developed a little routine in our short stay there.
In the quiet morning light the moka pot was put on the stove

And then I would light an oil lamp.
Yes, there was electricity, but I just loved sipping my coffee
with the gentle warmth of oil glowing.


worn textures
and collectable cushions

the perfect tap for the shower
form and function

garden textures


and indigenous plants

All this under the protective boughs of  tree
which I would imagine has been there longer than the house.