Wednesday, 28 May 2014


If you find yourself hungry and in Assilah - and possibly, dare I say it . . .  a little tagine and couscous-ed out (it does happen from time to time you know!) take a stroll down to the end of the seafront, just beyond the main cluster of restaurants and you will find the newest kid on the block : Port XIV.

Port XIV is a welcome breath of fresh and slightly more contemporary air, to the food scene in Assilah - from its decor to approach of sourcing local and seasonal food, not too mention its own house olive oil and a rather cool bar and cocktail list, well . . . lets just say I could become a regular!

And then there is the tapenade (made from owner Karims own olives) - I could quite happily snack on that while sipping a little local rose for the evening

The menu ranges from hearty hamburgers,

to the more chi-chi crab salad

made with fresh crabs from the local harbour - of course!

Owner Karim grew up in Assilah and went to school in Tangiers before completing his studies in the uk and europe - it was a dream of his to come back to Assilah and open a restuarant, and he's done it!
A lot of the ingredients come from Karims family farm - honey, olive oil, vegetable, all local and organic

honey and olive oil - from tree to table

the lemons are plucked off his trees . . .

and the next thing they are daintily wrapped in muslin and sitting prettily on your plate to squeeze over some fresh fish

so take the scenic route
stroll down the seafront
and enjoy the sunset

see you there

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