Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Berbari is a country house, maison d'hote, restaurant, retreat. . . nestled in a quiet corner of the Moroccan countryside, not far from the town of Assilah. It fits perfectly into its surroundings - so much so that the storks have made it their annual residence!

For me Berbari is about paths and doorways, interesting corners and quiet spaces.

The organic bamboo work as you come through the entrance is almost sculptural

Doorways entice you to open them and explore.

Moroccan-blue paths begged to be followed.

And at the end of a path is often a corner that you know is the perfect place to read your book while settling into a slower pace of life.

Decorative details are often in unexpected spaces,

while every bedroom is different, individual and inviting.

The salon looks out over the countryside - even if you are not staying overnight, phone ahead and make a reservation for lunch - we did and it was delicious!

A little vintage piano detail.

At the end of the day - the hammock calls! 

And as the sunsets over the Berbari . . . 

the evening light throws up shadows that add a little mystery to the tranquility.


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