Wednesday, 1 October 2014

the FACTORY in Assilah

Tucked away down one of the side alleys (there aren't that many alleys in Assilah, so not hard to find!!) is a relative newcomer to the medina - the FACTORY opened its doors in April this year and has become a welcome diversion to the usual medina fare, as owner and curator Guillaume makes it his business to source beautifully crafted items for his boutique. 
His aim being to provide both Moroccans and visitors from further afield with something unique in his collection of jewellery and homeware. Choose froma display of dazzling rings for your fingers, beautiful ceramics, or the array of  colourful pashminas, perfect for those sunset moments.

The collection includes statement jewellery from India.

And Milan

 As well as some work by contemporary Moroccan designers

The items are all beautifully presented and packaged,
 {and you know how i feel about good packaging}

The white spaces are punctuated by bursts of colour, a welcome relief from the sensory overload of the medina

These jewel coloured hammocks are on my wish list!
If any of these items are on your wish list contact Guillaume  here:

or better still . . . 

come to the medina and see for yourself!


  1. Oh my goodness - I want to see it with my own eyes NOW!!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful array of goods. Just gorgeous!

    1. I think you will have to find your way here one of these fine days Sarah - as always thanks for kind comments x

    2. Thank you Pauline - I think we share a similar aesthetic and life philosophy! Meeting you is definitely on my wish list!! xx

  2. I was in Assilah just 3 weeks ago for the weekend ... I did not come back since 2003 !!!! I just loved the place and I think I stumbled upon this boutique. But I was so busy with sourcing some boucherouite rugs for my home that I did not take the time to visit other shops. Well, just an excuse to come back :)

    1. and when you do come back let me know - would be great to meet for coffee! Hope you found some good carpets?