Friday, 6 February 2015

Casabarata Tangiers

La Casa Barata - translated directly simply means "the cheap house", which pretty much sums up this sprawling indoor-outdoor market place in Tangiers. It is a place to buy anything . . .  from a satellite  to a soap dish.
But I was interested in the salvedged and reclaimed building elements and furniture so spent most of my time looking at vintage metal work and old window frames.
These sun loungers were the first thing that caught my eye . . . but I passed them by thinking it was more important for me to get windows right now rather than things to lounge on - plenty of time for lounging later! 

So it was off to the building materials we went!

I ended up with a substantial amount of metal work for windows.
Now we just need to build the windows!

It was a little chilly walking around the market yesterday - so we finished up at a tiny stall selling
Bessara - a fava bean soup that is typically eaten for breakfast here but perfect at any time of the day to warm and fill you up.

While writing this post I searched for a recipe for the soup - and found one, along with some lovely images of Tangiers on this food blog by Jenny Chandler.

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