Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shouf!{look!} - a giveaway!

I am unashamedly and unreservedly
asking for your help in turning my bright idea
into a reality.
Its all about footfall . . .  or so I am told!


I have been chatting about it quite a lot recently
so you might have visited already?

I would love more people to have a look at the collection of carpets and textiles
with this in mind I devised this simple
This beautiful necklace made up of scented soap (yes soap!) beads
created by L'Art du Bain,
 could be yours.

It couldn't be easier!
simply tweet, pin, share on facebook or any other social media platform
that floats your boat!
Straight from SHOUF into the social media network of your choice.
The more shares, the more chances you stand of being the lucky winner!
5 tweets = 5 slips of paper with your name of it in the hat!
etc etc . . . 

so remember
individual items on shouf must be tweeted, pinned and shared
 I will make sure to check there  and enter your name in the draw where ever I see it!
thanks for your support
and do keep an eye on the shop as I hope to extend our range as soon as possible
good luck

it would be great if you shared this post as well - and would MOST DEFINITELY count as an entry!

just go straight to the share tabs below

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