Tuesday, 19 January 2016

5 things about Tangiers: Atelier des Italiens

By Laura and Dario of Atelier des Italiens:

I have in the past shared some of the wonderfully creative images from Atelier des Italiens, and in fact some of their work is hanging on my wall, so it made sense to ask them where they like to spend spare time in their home town Tangiers.


As many expats we are fascinated by the artistic and literature heritage of Tangier : in the past, Petit Socco was the most notorious crossroads of Tangier and favourite places of writers, artists and adventurers. Although today Petit Socco is lost most of it old appeal, but this beautiful square remains always a nice spot for enjoy the local colour and have a mint tea at Cafe Tingis. We love start from here to venture in old Medina alleys and its wonders.


Near the Berber Marker and right at the base of Hotel de France, going through a little gate can be accessed in a magic place. Here is located an English Church surrounded by a graveyard- well groomed garden oasis. We love sit here under a shady tree and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the place. 


A mint tea at historical Café Hafa is a pleasant habit for us. Here does the best mint tea of the city, we love sit here tasting the tea and admiring the landscape on the strait. A good place for people-watching, meeting and meditation.


 Darna’s friday couscous is an institution for Tangier’s expat community. We love the sunny courtyard of the restaurant and its old-style atmosphere. Darna is a woman no-profit community and  also offer nice local handicraft and clothings.


Not so far from the city, below Cap Spartel. the Achakar beach on Atlantic Ocean is our favourite spot in summertime. The beach is clean and set in beautiful nature.  In a mild winter like this, the beach is a great place for a refreshing walk.

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