Thursday, 10 November 2016


I dont know about you, but the events of the past year, months, few days,
 have left me feeling a little overwhelmed. 
Suddenly things feel strangely out of kilter.
There is a lot of anger and destruction around us - and this coming from a person who grew up in Apartheid South Africa and spent the greater part of my my 20's fighting for change.
But right now I am indeed feeling overwhelmed . . .

But the #cookforsyria project has rekindled some positivity!

Reading about #CookforSyria felt like a rainbow emerging out of the morass of media spin and information that surrounds us. Instead of focussing on the destruction and depressing daily reality of many in the world today - it is a celebration!

A celebration of a rich culture that will not be bombed out of existance!

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I wish I was closer to London so I could support some of the initatives that are part of this project - if you are, have a LOOK HERE and see if there is anyone or anyplace that you could support. There is a list of participating restaurants where £2 for certain items on the menu will be donated to the charity.

With the thought in mind that "every little bit helps"
I have decided to donate £2 of every jar of our Shouf! harissa sold this month to the fund - so you can enjoy the heat of our harissa knowing that the money spent is going to keep someone else warm this winter!

shouf!{look!} harissa

You can also pre-order the cook book #CookForSyria - a result of time and talent in collaboration, with all profits again going to the fund.

And dare I mention the "c" word?
Christmas people  . . . 
and  I know a few people who would love to find this book in their stocking!
It seems to me quite simply to embody all that this festive season of ours should stand for.

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